Dickinson shotgun


“Guns of Distinction”

The Dickinson shotgun, REAL value for your money. How? The Dickinson guns are built in the AKUS factory located in Huglu, Turkey. Here we have a blend of craftsmen with generations of skills behind them working in unison with the state of the art CNC machines and other advanced technology. So it is a partnership of sorts, the advanced machines can make precision parts but it takes the skilled craftsmen to do the finishing, the wood to metal fitting and polishing and well all what it takes to make it look like a work of art.

On the above plan AKUS was established over ten years ago to make the finest double barrel and over under shotguns in Turkey and they have succeeded.

When you look at a fine shotgun the first thing you notice is the wood. The wood on all Dickinson shotguns reflects the beauty of Turkish walnut. Even our most affordable models have wood that others would call deluxe.

Dickinson has models to suit every taste and budget. Our double barrel box lock side by side guns are available in every gauge from 12 to 410 with each gauge built on its own frame. The beautiful side by side seven pin side lock guns are available in 12 and 20 gauge. Side lock over under guns are also available.

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