Lion Country Supply sadly announces the end of Ugartechea shotguns.
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Grade I Boxlock
Grade II Boxlock
Grade III Boxlock
Grade IV Sidelock
Grade V Sidelock
Grade 257 Sidelock
Grade 357 Sidelock
Grade 2000 Sidelock

Since 1987, Lion Country Supply has been selling quality double shotguns from Ugartechea, one of Spain’s oldest gunmakers. They were called Parker Hale Doubles back then, and were known for their craftsmanship, dependability and value. In 1996, Lion Country Supply became the exclusive U.S. importers of these same guns that are now known as the Lion Country Upland Classic Series.

These fine shotguns combine English game gun design and handling at a fraction of the cost of other doubles. When you buy a gun from Lion Country Supply, you are purchasing direct from the importer. We do not wholesale guns to other dealers. You receive the lowest possible price! Prices range from Grade I box-lock to our Grade V ejector sidelock.

Ugartechea’s workmanship, styling, and dependability prompted noted smooth-bore authority, Michael McIntosh, to describe them as the “best side-by-sides in the world for the money they cost.”

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