The Grulla Armas 216RB is a classic design for shotguns that will accompany you forever.

Grulla Armas 216RB Doubleshotguns

Grulla Armas 216 RB Side Doubleshotguns Grulla Armas 216 RB Top DoubleShotguns Grulla Armas 216RB Base Doubleshotguns

The 216 Roundbody has been one of the most popular Grulla’s sold at in our Gun Room. The 216RB offers a will balanced quick handling SXS that offers fine quality handcrafted European workmanship. These guns  have been crafted  with drop forged steele action frame with gas escape valves, fine scroll type engraving, case hardened or old silver receiver, Demiblock barrels with concave rib, Automatic selective ejectors, double articulated front triggers, and English style walnut stock.

The Grulla Armas 216RB:

– Drop forged steel frame with disc set strikers and gas escape valves.
– Rose & scroll hand engraved action.
– Round or traditional square body action.
– Old silver or case hardened finishing.
– Drop forged demibloc, chopper lump barrels with concave rib.
– Automatic, selective ejectors.
– Double triggers with articulated front.
– Five pins true side locks with double safety sears.
– Well figured walnut stock with hand rubbed oil finish.
– Custom stock measurements available.
– Silver oval for your initials.
– Available in all gauges: 12 – 16 – 20 – 28 or 410 gauge.
– Additional custom features available.


216RB Right Hand Options

Gauge Forend Triggers Barrel Length Chokes Receiver Finish Weight
 12 English Double 28″  IC/M  Old Silver  —
 12 English Double  28″  IC/M  Case Hardened  —
 16 English Double  28″  IC/M  Case Hardened  —
 20 English Double  28″  IC/M  Old Silver
 20 English Double  28″  IC/M  Case Hardened
 28 English Double  28″  IC/M  Old Silver
 .410 English Double  28″  IC/M  Case Hardened
 .410 English Double  28″  IC/M  Old Silver