The Grulla Armas Consort is a distinguished shotgun for the most demanding sportsmen.

Grulla Armas Consort Shotgun Doubleshotgun

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The Grulla Armas Consort:

– Drop forged steel action frame with gas escape valves.
– Fine 100% hand engraved.
– Old silver or case hardened finishing.
– Drop forged demibloc – chopper lump barrels with concave rib.
– H&H style assisted opening action.
– Double trigger with articulated front.
– Five pins true sidelocks with double safety sears.
– Stock and forearm of selected walnut with hand rubbed oil finish.
– Silver oval for your initials.
– Available in all gauges: 12 – 16 – 20 -28 or 410 gauge.
– Additional custom features available.