Merkel 147EL

Model 147EL features a Greener cross bolt with double under-barrel locking lugs, hand engraved game scenes on silver-greyed receiver, Anson and Deely boxlock action, Holland and Holland ejectors, English style or pistol grip stock and single or double triggers.


147EL Options

Gauge Stock/Forend
Triggers Barrel Length Chokes Chamber Weight
12 Straight Double 28″ IC/M 3″ 6.8 lbs.
12 Straight Double 30″ IC/M 3″ 6.8 lbs.
20 Straight Double 26¾” IC/M 3″ 6.2 lbs.
20 Straight Double 28″ IC/M 3″ 6.2 lbs.

147EL Boxlock Specifications:

  • Ejectors standard equipment
  • Anson Deeley boxlock locking mechanism
  • Steel action with Greener-style cross bolt and double conventional bottom bite.
  • Double trigger standard or single selective trigger is available.
  • Automatic safety.
  • Hand-engraved game scenes on silver-greyed receiver
  • English straight stock is standard but pistol grip is available
  • Luxury Turkish walnut stock

MSC – Merkel Shotgun Case

This high quality case from Americase/Merkel is built for side by side shotguns up to 30 inches in barrel length. This case will also fit your over and under guns as well! The case is made from high-quality materials including aircraft grade aluminum and a soft velvet interior which will protect your gun from any nicks and scratches when being carried. This case also includes a set of keys and has a built in combination lock for extra security.
LCS Price: – $399