Merkel 147EL

Model 147EL features a Greener cross bolt with double under-barrel locking lugs, hand engraved game scenes on silver-greyed receiver, Anson and Deely boxlock action, Holland and Holland ejectors, English style or pistol grip stock and single or double triggers.


147EL Options

Gauge Stock/Forend
Triggers Barrel Length Chokes Chamber Weight
12 Straight Double 28″ IC/M 3″ 6.8 lbs.
12 Straight Double 30″ IC/M 3″ 6.8 lbs.
20 Straight Double 26¾” IC/M 3″ 6.2 lbs.
20 Straight Double 28″ IC/M 3″ 6.2 lbs.

147EL Boxlock Specifications:

  • Ejectors standard equipment
  • Anson Deeley boxlock locking mechanism
  • Steel action with Greener-style cross bolt and double conventional bottom bite.
  • Double trigger standard or single selective trigger is available.
  • Automatic safety.
  • Hand-engraved game scenes on silver-greyed receiver
  • English straight stock is standard but pistol grip is available
  • Luxury Turkish walnut stock