Markel Shotgun

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Double Shotguns is pleased to welcome Merkel shotguns to the family of fine game guns offered in the Lion Country Supply Gun Room. In 1991 the Merkel USA team began importing Merkel shotguns from Suhl, Germany after they were made available when the reunification of Germany occurred with the fall of the Berlin Wall. As the first manufacturer of over and under sporting guns in the late 1800’s, Merkel has always been a company setting the standard for superb craftsmanship and performance. All shotguns are hand fitted and engraved by artisans with an average of twenty-nine of years experience.

Side-by-side shotguns are very popular, and not only with traditionalists. The elegance and finesse of these fine guns highlight their classic lines. Hunters will find this side-by-side a light and remarkably responsive gun with outstanding shooting performance. The forged action with Greener-style cross bolt and double conventional bottom bite underscores the robustness of the Merkel system. Merkel forges the receivers in three sizes to match the three available calibers. This is one reason every Merkel side-by-side shotgun has such a slim, balanced appearance. The famous English Gunmaker, Robert Churchill said “A Gentleman should always buy the best gun he can afford”. Side by side shotguns enjoy great popularity and not only with traditionalists. The classic lines of these fine guns seduce through elegance and finesse. Merkel side-by-sides underline this with a classic English straight-hand stock without pistol grip or cheek-piece. For game shooting, this side-by-side shotgun is a light, remarkably well-handling gun, with outstanding performance characteristics.


MSC – Merkel Shotgun Case

This high quality case from Americase/Merkel is built for side by side shotguns up to 30 inches in barrel length. This case will also fit your over and under guns as well! The case is made from high-quality materials including aircraft grade aluminum and a soft velvet interior which will protect your gun from any nicks and scratches when being carried. This case also includes a set of keys and has a built in combination lock for extra security.
LCS Price: – $399.99