The Grulla Armas Royal Holland is the highest expression of luxury made by our master gunsmiths in a unique and exceptional shotgun.

Grulla Armas Royal Holland doubleshotguns Grulla Armas Royal Holland doubleshotguns

The Grulla Armas Royal Churchill is the ultimate gun for a matched pair or trio set.

– An extremely strong drop forged steel action frame, complete with gas excape valves, intercepting safety sears and cocking indicators.
– Available in traditional or round body action style.
– H&H style assisted opening action.
– Entirely hand engraved, every detail painstakingly by Master Basque engravers. Custom engraving and game scene patterns are also available upon requests.
– Available in case hardened or old silver finishing.
– Drop forged chopper-lump barrels made of superb quality Bellota, Nickel chromium steel.
– Disc set strikers and automatic selective ejectors.
– Exhibition grade, specially selected, walnut stock and forearm finished in a best quality, hand rubbed oil finish. Made under measurements.
– Gold oval for the initials fitted on the stock.
– Available in all gauges. 12 – 16 – 20 – 28 or 410 ga.
– Every Royal is delivered with a best quality, leather trunk style fitted case.